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Plasterboard Home Manual (For Homeowners)

Drywall, a tried and tested modern technology, offers many benefits to homeowners and is widely adopted in overseas housing projects and even high end condominiums in Singapore.

3 Key benefits of Dry Walls (Internal Partition):

  • Better Energy Efficiency

Homeowners can save on electricity bills as drywall enhances heat insulation and regulates room temperature. This technology provides you and your family a pleasant living environment.

  • Acoustic Comfort

Drywall is designed to reduce noise transmission between rooms for a harmonious and restful living space. 

Enjoy undisturbed sleep and privacy with inbuilt sound insulation that matches any acoustic performance of a traditional brick wall and/or reinforced concrete wall. 

  • Decoration Flexibility

Create vibrancy by adding colours, patterns, and textures to your home decoration. 

Homeowners can easily achieve your ideal design by decorating the drywalls to your preferred aesthetic finish either by paint, wallpaper, tiles or skirting.