Halcyon™ ClimaPlus™

Halcyon™ ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are mould and sag resistant. Easy to install and clean, their noise reduction properties and high light reflectance values make these tiles perfect for open plan offices as well as reception and lobby areas.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional noise reduction with NRC values up to 1.00 for open plan offices
  • High light reflectance, reduces light fixtures and energy use
  • Can be washed or scrubbed and are impact scratch resistant
  • Coordinates visually with Mars™ for open or closed-plan applications
  • Compatible with Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems (Plank Sizes)
  • Non-directional monolithic visual reduces installation time and waste
  • ClimaPlus™ 30-year lifetime system
Physical Properties
  • Substrate: Fiber Glass
  • Edge Profile: Square Edge, Shadowline, Fineline
  • Panel Thickness: 15mm, 19mm, 25mm
  • Panel Size: 600 x 600mm, 600 x 1200mm, 610 x 610mm, 610 x 1210mm
  • CAC: up to 30
  • Light Reflectance: .89
  • NRC: up to 1.0
  • Recycled Content: up to 40%
  • Healthcare
  • Open-plan areas
  • Offices with indirect lighting
  • Waiting Rooms, Nurses Stations
  • Media Rooms
  • Receptions and Lobby Areas
  • Libraries
  • Convention Halls and Concourses