Donn® DXT grids are designed with a refine 14mm (9/16”) narrow face creating a more monolithic ceiling plane when compared to a 24mm system. Donn® DXT grids comes fully compatible with square-edge and reveal-edge ceiling tiles that accept gypsum, mineral fiber or metal ceilings.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced steel galvanization coating system on grids that resist corrosion and rust.
  • Patented proprietary QUICK-RELEASE™ cross tees that resists grids twisting.
  • Complies with loading requirements of the Light Duty Classification under ASTM C635.
  • Manufactured with technologically advanced, one-step manufacturing process that ensures the highest grid quality.

Height: 32mm

Width: 14mm

Edge Details:
  • Square Edge
  • Shadowline Tapered
  • Shadowline
  • Shadowline Beveled