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Synia Moisture Resistant (MR) - 4-Sided Tapered Edge Gypsum Board

Synia is the  impeccable choice for perfectly seamless indoor ceilings in large area to achieve a beautiful and fashionable look, even under light reflection. The smooth finish makes it an excellent selection for astute customers who wish to reduce visual clutter, caused by unsightly wirings.

Moisture resistant Synia boards offers an effective protection against moisture with its unique water-repellent formula and can be used in washrooms, kitchens or other wet area ceilings.

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth Beautiful Finish - No visible seams resulted from plastering across boards
  • Save time with easy plastering and installation - Tapered edge constructed at head/tail of the board makes plastering a breeze and eliminated the need to plaster over a wide area
  • High Durability - Tearing of paper from the head and tail of the board is no longer required, thus maintaining the strength of the board.
Physical Properties
  • Thickness:  9mm, 12mm
  • Length: 4 'x  6'
  • Edge: Tapered Edge
  • Tested to: BS EN 520

Suitable for use in places with moisture content such as kitchen and bathroom.

Green Label Cert