Jointing Compounds - Boral Premium Cornice | USG Boral

Fast bond with exceptional strength

Boral Premium Cornice is a specially formulated plaster based compound exhibiting very high bonding strength when used for its design purpose of adhering plasterboard cornices to walls and ceilings. It is also recommended for use when fixing plasterboard directly to masonry or concrete walls.

Product Data:
  • Setting Time: Boral Premium Cornice has a knife set of  30 ± 2 minutes
  • Bonding Time: 2 minutes
  • Mixing Ratio: 2 parts compound to 1 part clean water
  • Packaging: 20kg bag
  • Coverage: 180 linear meter of cornice per 20kg bag , 32m per 20kg bag for masonry  fixing
Shelf Life:

Best before 9 months (from production date)


Boral Premium Cornice should be stored under cover in a dry environment and protected from temperature extremes. Failing to do so could lead to shorter lifespan of this product.