USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor

USG Structural Panels by USG Boral are high-strength reinforced concrete panels for use in non-combustible construction. Lighter than pre-cast or poured concrete, USG Structural Panels provide a new, easier and more efficient way to build floors.

The Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor system consists of steel joists, trusses or framing members, fire resistant board that acts as a ceiling for the unit below and USG Structural Panels applied with mechanical fasteners. This floor system is designed to carry gravity and lateral load.

Features & Benefits

• Lightweight
• Fast Installations under most weather conditions
• Mould-resistant substrate for high-moisture areas
• Will not warp, swell or delaminate
• Achieve sound  performance with additional acoustically rated systems
• Non-Combustible
• Fire resistant load bearing floor system
• Environmentally Friendly

Physical Properties
  • Thickness: 19mm (3/4”)
  • Length: 4’x 6’ or 4’x 8’ or 4’x 6’8”
  • Density: 1200kg/m³
  • Edge: Tongue and Groove
  • Tested to: BS 476 Part 21: 1987, BS 476 Part 4: 1970, BS EN 1195: 1998 and BS EN 196-1:2016

Flooring assembly for underlayment in new construction and remodelling