USG Boral Glass-Mat PROFILE

USG Boral Glass-Mat products are designed with a high strength, water and mould-resistant gypsum core that is non-combustible and fire-resistant. They also feature non-woven Glass-Mat surfaces on both sides, with different front surface options available depending on application needs.

Product Portfolio

USG Boral Glass-Mat products are suitable for Interior walls, ceilings, shaftwalls, semi-exposed walls, and exterior ceilings.

USG Boral SECUROCK® Glass-Mat Sheathing

This product is meant for exterior soffit and wet areas with high moisture and mold requirements. The 5/8" thickness can be used as sheathing under exterior cladding.


USG Boral SHEETROCK® Glass-Mat Liner Panel Mold Tough®

This product is used to upgrade to a paper-faced shaftwall liner panel and PartiWall system, suitable for lining interior shaftwalls and area separation wall systems.


USG Boral Glass-Mat Portfolio Benefits

Quick installation with no special tools required

Glass-Mat sheathing facer on both sides repels water

Fire-resistant with a non-combustible core

Warranted performance against weather exposure and manufacturing defects

Product Classification Dry Wet Areas Exposed to Moisture & Mould Exterior Walls & Ceilings
Application Interior Partitions Interior Ceilings Semi-Exterior Wall Partitions Ceilings Wet Area Walls - Tub / Shower / WC / Kitchen Exterior Envelope
Finish Paint Tile Paint Paint Paint Exposure with Paint / 32-75 kg / m2 Tiles Exterior Soffit Cladding / Water Resistant Finishes
Glass-Mat Portfolio
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