USG Boral: Inspired by you

Get inspiration from finished projects and find out what these projects are composed of.At USG Boral we don't just innovate in plasterboard science & technology, we're also committed to innovation in the application of our products & systems, including;

Design. For a refreshingly different ceiling aesthetic (Logix™, Pixels and Curvatura).
Function. Products & performance that are both versatile & fit for purpose (SHEETROCK® Type X and Type C)
Simple. Simplicity of component design for efficient supply & installation (DONN® DX Exposed Grid Ceiling System). 
Smart. Ease of handling & installation for lighter, smarter, faster building (SHEETROCK®). 
Ingenious. One product/many applications (FIBEROCK®).
Versatile. Ceiling tiles, panels and suspension systems designed for quick and economical installation in general, acoustic and specialist applications. (Mars™ ClimaPlus™, Sonata, Olympia, Radar).

Learn how USG Boral has insprired:
Architects / Designers Builders / Installers