The unique requirements of hospitals and healthcare design require special consideration in regards to the specified systems and products. In respect to the internal walls and ceilings of these structures,  provisions for fire resistance, impact resistance, moisture control and acoustic control should be considered. In addition to these performance factors, the elimination or minimisation of downtime  during installation and ongoing maintenance are also crucial. Specifying a solution that meets all of these requirements is a necessity - not only for the day-to-day operation of the facility - but also for maintaining the reputation of the architect, specifier or installer involved.

USG Boral offers lightweight building solutions for a variety of interior applications commonly encountered in hospitals and other health care buildings.

Fire Protection

USG Boral offers a wide range of lightweight, fire-rated building solutions that are based on UL assemblies. These include fire-rated walls and ceilings, fire tunnels and fire protected columns and beams.


Acoustic considerations play an important role in creating quiet hospital environments conducive to patients’ recovery and privacy. Such considerations include sound isolation for privacy or comfort enhancement as well as sound absorption in noisy areas. To learn more about recommended acoustic ratings for health care buildings refer  to USG Acoustical Catalogue. USG Boral offers an extensive range of lightweight wall and ceiling systems providing various levels of sound isolation.

Effective reverberation (echo) control requires treatment of the room surfaces with sound absorbing materials. USG Boral offers a number of products for sound absorption, including USG Mars™  ClimaPlus™  Healthcare ceiling panels with NRC ratings up to and exceeding 0.85 or USG Boral Sonata healthcare ceiling panels with NRC up to 0.7.

Impact Resistance

Hospital corridors are particularly susceptible to knocks by trolleys and general traffic. Therefore, they require the use of impact resistant lining materials.

USG Boral offers a range of lining products offering various levels of impact resistance. USG Sheetrock AR plasterboards has been specifically designed for use in high traffic areas such as hospital corridors. Fiberock® Aqua-Tough is a paperless gypsum board with cellulose fibre reinforcement that is also effective against hard body and glancing impact.

Infection Control

USG Boral plasterboard walls and ceilings have a smooth seamless surface finish that is critical to effective infection control. Mars™ Healthcare ClimaPlus™ ceiling panels and Sonata healthcare ceiling panels have panel face and back surfaces treated with a proprietary broad-spectrum antimicrobial standard formulation that inhibits and retards the growth of mold and mildew.

Radiation Protection

X-ray rooms require protective barriers to shield operators and occupants of nearby rooms from excessive levels of radiation.  USG Lead Lined Gypsum plasterboard can provide various levels of radiation protection.

USG lead lined gypsum is composed of USG Sheetrock Type X layer of gypsum with a lead sheet of a certain thickness.

Mold Resistance

USG Sheetrock Mold Tough plasterboard and Fiberock® Aqua-Tough gypsum board offer mould resistance; in addition to impact resistance and moisture resistance properties. USG Sheetrock Mold Tough plasterboard and Fiberock® has scored a top mark of 10 when tested to ASTM D3273.